Sun mirror (set of 3)

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Product Details
Model: Sun 01, Sun 02, Sun 03
Description: gold mirrors with black print
Year: 2023

Diameter: 26 cm

The sun mirror is a contemporary and minimal take on traditional sunburst mirrors.

The Guyoche sun mirrors are gold and shiny and come in a set of three. The abstract lineair sun rays are printed in black and reflect the ever-changing solar activity.

The set of 3 mirrors come with 3 Guyoche magnetic mounts. To fully understand the product, don’t forget to check out the Guyoche Mounting & Maintenance instruction video. A special Guyoche microfiber cloth is included in every box to make your mirrors shine bright!

History of the sun mirror: During the 17th century, the Catholic church began using elaborate monstrances — decorative stands used to display the communion wafer — adorned with gilded rays. But it wasn’t until the late 17th century, when Louis XIV established his own glassworks in France, that sun mirrors become a widespread decorative object.

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Sun mirror (set of 3)