About Guyoche

Five years ago, I created a little research project, a playful journey of which I had no idea where it would bring me. This is the story of Guyoche.


While working in the graphic industry on software for designing security print, I was fascinated by the beauty of mathematical curves called “Guilloches”. Instead of bank bills or passport designs, I saw Gucci or Hermes scarfs!

So, I had the crazy idea to print some of my designs on silk scarfs. This resulted in the “Guyoche” label and a bona fide fashion shoot in my living room. The response to the collection of scarfs was great. But was this really the path I wanted to pursue?

Then Covid struck. To keep me busy, I continued exploring my graphic language by making some covid-stay-safe and BLM animations. I was searching for other opportunities to apply my envisioned concepts. In the old days mirrors were printed for promotional use. Nowadays that is hardly ever done, so I started investigating how I could easily print mirrors.

This led me to the wonderful material called mirror acrylic. It is easy to cut, available in a variety of cool colours and is a lot lighter than glass. I tested the printing capabilities of mirror acrylic on a large ink jet printer. Slowly I fully understood and mastered printing and cutting my “Guyoche” mirror objects. In order to display these objects in the best way possible, I designed the missing link: a magnetic mount so that the mirrors could be applied freely like magnets to your wall. A new creative format was born.

PS. If you have questions, suggestions or are interested in a collaboration please let me know!

Kristof Van Brussel

June 2024